Washington Global partners with FFA

We have partnered with Fast Forward Academy to offer the BEST Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide and Practice Exams. This EA Exam Prep contains the information you will most likely see on the IRS Special Enrollment Examination. Sure our complete enrolled agent exam course is half the size of others, but that is why it is the best; it is about “quality” not “quantity”.

Want to pass the first time AND save money?  The Practice Exams allow you to take a simulated test to measure your preparedness before spending time and money at a testing center.

Washington Institute & IRS Employees

Did you miss open enrollment?

Did you know that business-units with sufficient training budgets may approve work-related, out-service training at any time until the cut-off date for processing requisitions (usually in early August of each year).

In other words, you might be able to pursue your studies outside of the TAP, at least until you can make application within the next open season.

Washington Institute & Enrolled Agents

When high ethical standards intersect with these highly educated professionals, they become renowned in meeting the needs of the US Taxpayer.

For this reason, Washington Institute supports the goals of these fine organizations and is now offering special pricing for members and affiliates.

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